Kaleido APIs

Kaleido Kaleido Platform API
As a business network full stack platform, Kaleido provides a complete set of API for administrators, network operators and DApps developers.

The administrative endpoints provide full lifecycle operations around platform resources (consortia, environment, nodes, services, etc.) Each participating organization can use the API to fully automate the DevOps pipeline. Most of the resources are scoped to the organization that the logged in user is associated with. Some resources like consortia and environments support decentralized governance.
Cloud HSM Signer Logo Cloud HSM Signer
Sign transactions using off-platform keys stored in a Hardware Security Module (HSM) backed cloud service, or a software key vault. Fully managed transaction signing capability with nonce management and REST APIs
App2App Logo App2App Messaging
Communicate securely and reliably off-chain. End-to-end encrypted messaging between your applications, with reliable delivery backed by Apache Kafka technology
DocumentStore Logo Document Store
Store, manage and share information from your own private document store
EthWallet Logo Eth Wallet
Ethereum Wallets allow DApps to host transaction signing keys. Using the API a DApp can add new Ethereum accounts, query the available accounts, and pick an account to sign a transaction payload.
HDWallet Logo HD Wallet
Hierarchical Determinisitc Wallets signs transactions using a large number of keys derived from the same root key but appear to be independent.
Ethconnect Logo REST API Gateway
Enterprise Grade Connectivity for your Applications. Auto-generated REST APIs for your smart contracts. Reliable transaction streaming and nonce management. Reliable event streams.
RotateSigners Logo Rotate Signers
The Rotating Signers service can be configured to have different target signers count, rotation size, and rotation interval. It also allows for the rotation algorithm to be configurable, although currently the only supported algorithm is "oldest-first", meaning the signers that have been active the longest will be voted out in the next rotation. We welcome feedback on the need for other algorithms.
Tether Logo Ethereum Mainnet Tether
The Public Ethereum Tether service hightens the security of a permissioned blockchain running in Kaleido, by pinning signed state hashes to an Ethereum public chain. Using the service API a DApp can configure the interval to collect the state hashes and submit the signed payload to the target Ethereum network, as well as downloading a pinned state from the network to verify the integrity of the local network.
TokenFactory Logo Token Factory
Token Factory service makes it trivial to generate and deploy token smart contracts for token specifications ERC20 (for fungible tokens) and ERC721 (for non-fungible tokens). Token Contracts manage the total supply, ownership, transfers, delegate spenders, as well as minting and burning tokens.
TokenSwap Logo Token Swap
Token Swaps are a mechanism to allow two parties to securely trade tokens. Each swap is made up of two trades between the swap initiator and the counterparty. One trade per token contract. For a swap to work, the initiator creates a trade to transfer the token(s) owned by the initiator to the counterparty. In response, the counterparty creates a 2nd trade to transfer the token(s) owned by the counterparty to the initiator.
TokenZKP Logo Zero Knowledge Token
With Kaleido's Zero Knowledge Token Transfer service, transfers are conducted with Zero Knowledge Proofs such that the transactions are both confidential (the balances and transfer amounts are concealed), and anonymous (the sender and receiver identities are concealed).